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Hello, friends and rp buddies of Kabby! (That's me!) It is that most wonderful time of year, and I'm so eager to celebrate it with you all! So, if anyone would like anything for Christmas - probably fic or icons but possibly art or a video! - please fill out the following form! Even those who I know irl and are getting tangible gifts may apply! For now, I'm only asking that people only fill this out once, just so I don't get over-loaded.

Samples of my writing can be found here, for the curious!

Nano Cast

Oct. 4th, 2012 02:30 pm
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Princess NAMEPrincess

SashaLove Interest



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So! This is a thing I'm hoping to make happen, should anyone be interested. I really enjoy playing nostalgic characters and aging them up and stuff, so yeah. Check it out?

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Just jotting down a fic idea here so I remember.

¡Viva la Revolución!
- Penguins human AU. A small but determined group of soldiers are ready to fight to overthrow the nation's cruel monarch. But what happens when the king turns out to be but a puppet for someone even more dastardly?

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Cut! )

Amanda Seyfried as Rapunzel

Azura Skye as Terk

Jennifer Stone as Ma

Leigh Lezark as Mittens

Jon Heder as Mater

Laruen Ambrose as Jessie

Eddie Redmayne as Pleakley

Jesse McCartney as Terrence

Alex Sawyer as Nuka

DJ Qualls as Dobby

Anna Lutoskin as Kim Possible

Anne Hathaway as Holley Shiftwell

Imogen Poots as Dory

David Henrie as Remy
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General To-Do:
  • Driving practice!
  • Learn the driving manual!
  • Get in shape!
  • Practice new CBT techniques!

Reading To-Do:
  • Finish re-reading Rapunzel's Revenge!
  • Read Midnight Over Sanctaphrax!
  • Read fanfics: "The Chameleon" and "Freudian"!

Roleplay To-Do:
  • Work on OCs: Pixie Rumer and Alvin Doorson!
  • Figure out drops!
  • Work on sample or dear mun post threads for Meowth's Mayfield App!
  • Submit Meowth's Mayfield App on June 1st!
  • Contact WR mods!
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Complete with PASSIONATE CAPLOCKS. No, this was actually originally something I thought I'd be plurk pasting, is the truth.

This isn't me saying YOU MUST SHIP THIS, it's purely so I have an answer on-hand when I get asked, which I inevitably will, why I ship them.

I have no creative cut-text right now! )
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No I have not been watching lots of Friends lately what are you talking about?

SO. So. [personal profile] heavenbows gave me the push I needed to finally read Lackadaisy, and I am just. Head over heels in love. The late 1920s! Historical tidbits! '20s slang! Speakeasies! Fun characters! Clever writing! Beautiful art! Cats!

I love this comic as much as most of the rest of the world loves Homestuck, basically. I seriously cannot get enough of it.

Consider this a warning.

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This is pretty quick and sloppy but I'm bad at doing memes any other way. ;;

The first question was the hardest. )
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This is more general than roleplay base, and definitely has some things that are very fandoms of the moment, while also excluding fandoms... Not of the moment.

Almost all of these have a male lead associated with the color blue. :|a )

...And honestly, those are the only fandoms I can think of with interesting stories, (that I'm not to lazy to get into right now, so expect a part II someday), so I guess we're done here.

RIO Review

Mar. 3rd, 2012 07:22 am
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RIO came out in 2011. It's the story of a blue macaw named Blu, (Jesse Eisenberg), who has lead a domesticated life, being brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to meet Jewel, (Anne Hathaway), the last of his species. This caused some uproar among Pixar diehards, who said the idea was stolen from Pixar's since-shelved project, Newt. However, while Newt seemed to be a straight-up odd couple romance with a surprisingly heavy focus on breeding, RIO is, first and foremost, a story about finding one's true self. (Besides, the timing of the movies suggests that RIO and Newt would have been, at best for Pixar, being worked on at the same time, before either project was publicly revealed.)

But regardless, here is a quick, down and dirty look at what does and doesn't work in RIO.

Let me take you to Rio, Rio... )

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Ha, I am on four people's reading page and as far as I know only one of those people checks their page. So. Yes I will spam.

SOB grocery shopping needs to happen.

In the meantime, I'm gonna have to get dangerous creative with, uh...

Angel hair pasta, various jams, and popcorn.


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Rapunzel does cry at really tragic stuff, but she's not really that easy to move to tears. In either direction, happy or sad. She doesn't cry when she sees the lights, or when Gothel tells her she's never leaving the tower. (Although that is partially, if you ask me, a mix of having a plan and being in shock.) She does cry when Eugene dies and a bit again when he comes back. Also she was totally choked up in Tangled Ever After and it was adorable. But yes. She really only cries for the big stuff. (Including when she cries on her first time out of the tower; I would count that and thinking about the effect it could have on one of the only two relationships in her life as big.)

Ally has not cried in canon, but I definitely think she would cry on big stuff and probably medium teenage-drama-y stuff. I... Am not sure what I think about her and tears of joy, but she is definitely not a frustrated crier because she spends so much of canon frustrated and... Not crying.

Chel I legitimately cannot imagine crying, and I see a lot more in her than most people do. I don't think she'd let herself cry, really, because Chel doesn't like appearing vulnerable.

Hiccup cries, although I don't think he does in canon even when things get horribly bad? I just can't see him as a character who wouldn't cry on bigger things. Like, I think after he figured out all of  the aftermath of the big battle, and it had really sunken in that he lost his leg and almost died? He probably teared up. He doesn't cry when frustrated (he snarks). He also doesn't cry when happy. Bonus: I do not think he cries about his mother; based on the helmet scene, I don't think he remembers her much at all.

Shrek (musical-verse) is weird to think about, but he might be more likely to cry than the others, really. I know in movie-verse he cries in the... Fourth? Film when he thinks he lost his family. Which is admittedly a HUGE THING, but anyway. Musical-verse Shrek is more emotionally open than movie-verse Shrek, so I can see him crying for sad things and possibly really happy things. (Like if he had the kids in musical-verse? There would definitely be proud papa tearing up moments.) He doesn't cry when frustrated, he. Lashes out instead.


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