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This is more general than roleplay base, and definitely has some things that are very fandoms of the moment, while also excluding fandoms... Not of the moment.

Almost all of these have a male lead associated with the color blue. :|a )

...And honestly, those are the only fandoms I can think of with interesting stories, (that I'm not to lazy to get into right now, so expect a part II someday), so I guess we're done here.

RIO Review

Mar. 3rd, 2012 07:22 am
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RIO came out in 2011. It's the story of a blue macaw named Blu, (Jesse Eisenberg), who has lead a domesticated life, being brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to meet Jewel, (Anne Hathaway), the last of his species. This caused some uproar among Pixar diehards, who said the idea was stolen from Pixar's since-shelved project, Newt. However, while Newt seemed to be a straight-up odd couple romance with a surprisingly heavy focus on breeding, RIO is, first and foremost, a story about finding one's true self. (Besides, the timing of the movies suggests that RIO and Newt would have been, at best for Pixar, being worked on at the same time, before either project was publicly revealed.)

But regardless, here is a quick, down and dirty look at what does and doesn't work in RIO.

Let me take you to Rio, Rio... )


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