alifeenchanted: (Working late)
Dreamfinder ([personal profile] alifeenchanted) wrote2012-05-18 08:37 am

Lists, lists, lists!

General To-Do:
  • Driving practice!
  • Learn the driving manual!
  • Get in shape!
  • Practice new CBT techniques!

Reading To-Do:
  • Finish re-reading Rapunzel's Revenge!
  • Read Midnight Over Sanctaphrax!
  • Read fanfics: "The Chameleon" and "Freudian"!

Roleplay To-Do:
  • Work on OCs: Pixie Rumer and Alvin Doorson!
  • Figure out drops!
  • Work on sample or dear mun post threads for Meowth's Mayfield App!
  • Submit Meowth's Mayfield App on June 1st!
  • Contact WR mods!

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