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The Great Movie Meme

This is pretty quick and sloppy but I'm bad at doing memes any other way. ;;

Favorite Movie: It was supposed to be Lilo & Stitch, forever, because I WOULD NEVER RELATE TO A MOVIE THE SAME WAY AGAIN! But. Then Tangled came out and I DON'T RELATE THE SAME WAY? But it's become a huge part of my life. I watched them back to back the other day to finally made my decision and while I do think Lilo & Stitch may well be a better movie, Tangled earned the favorite spot. But I still love L&S, it gives me warms fuzzies; the characters are like seeing old friends again; the beautiful WATER COLOR backgrounds, etc., etc.!

Least Favorite movie:would say Happy Feet  or Avatar, which I think are both over-rated, but I gotta go with The Last Airbender. It was painful, and not just because it wasn't loyal to the show! It just. Wasn't a well done movie. Sorry

Movie I Like That No One Else Does: Quest for Camelot in a weird, love/hate way, OVER THE HEDGE, and lol I would put Megamind in this category. Besides the nutso fanbase most people seem not crazy about it. Also shout-out to both Cars movies, they're not my OMG FAVORITES but I do adore them. Oh, and RIO. Which people either don't care about or think ripped off Newt, which just doesn't seem logical to me.

Movie I was Surprised to Discover I Liked: Tangled! I really thought I'd hate it Also, Barnyard was way better than I expected it to be? It's a far less poignant TLK, but with cows and yes the males have udders, idgaf.

Also Casablanca! I just. Didn't think I'd have the patience for it! But it's one of my favorite live-action movies.

It and Hairspray and Newsies.

Also the Madagascar films! I saw it and liked it but didn't love it, then I fell in love with Penguins of Madagascar

Movie Everyone Else Likes that I Hate: Happy Feet and Avatar.

Movies I've Walked Out of: I don't think I've ever done that.

Movies I Expected to Like But Didn't: Winnie the Pooh (2011) had none of the charms of the previous Pooh movies. Even the Heffalump one was better.

Movie I Won't Watch No Matter How Much You Pay Me: Haha, there's a lot. No psychological thrillers for me; I have enough issues with that stuff. Same with apocalyptic films. 

Movie People Would Think I Like But I Don't: LOL probably Happy Feet. Because I LIKE ANIMATED PENGUINS RIGHT?

Movie People Would Think I'd Hate But I Don't: I have to go with 9 here! Most people think I wouldn't like something so dark but I love it Also most Dreamworks films because when you're a Disney gal people assume you hate Dreamworks because Dreamworks.

My Favorite Sequel: Stitch has a Glitch. It's so touching and funny!

My Least Favorite Sequel: Pocahontas II. It's completely ruins the themes of the original. It's just bad. Sobbing forever.

Favorite Genre: I think it is pretty clear that I like family films and musicals.

I do watch and enjoy other films? But they don't capture my interest or heart the same way, generally.
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lol not that I ever wonder this but reading your answers are like just overwhelming proof of THIS IS WHY I'M FRIENDS WITH YOU. srsly I like that we can watch things and acknowledge their flaws and decide they're either worth it or not based on that instead of just. Blindly going along with people or ignoring/focusing too hard on flaws.

Also no one will want you to apologize for not liking TLA. No one liked TLA. :|