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How I Got into/(Some of the Reasosn)Why I Love My Fandoms

This is more general than roleplay base, and definitely has some things that are very fandoms of the moment, while also excluding fandoms... Not of the moment.

Disney - I don't. Even know. I've been watching Disney stuff for as long as I can remember, and I just... Love it an a way I can't describe. It's special and has so many interesting characters, and the movies are (save for two) always really well-done in at least one way. It will always be my main fandom and my happy place. But for a few specifics..

Tangled - LOL FUNNY STORY THERE. So basically Gwen and I were REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT TANGLED, especially after the name change, and we cringed at all the spoilers we got, but, hey, it was a Disney movie. So we went to see it together and at the end she and I were fangirling over Flynn and Rapunzel respectively. I really loved the movie in general, too, and kept going back to see it. I identify with Rapunzel a lot, not so much in terms of situation but in terms of personality. And... Kind of with Flynn, too, actually, in a weird way I can't quite place a name on? But yes. This movie, I love it.

Princess and the Frog - This was the opposite of Tangled in terms of expectations, but I enjoyed it pretty much equally. The traditional animation was really just icing on the cake. I went to see it the day it came out, I believe? It was Christmas Eve, and... This was also with Gwen! And I just fell in love with all of the characters and the music and the sentiment. And the more I saw it, the more I related to Naveen, and he (along with Pleakley) is one of the characters I roleplay who I most see myself in.

Lilo & Stitch - When the movie first came out, I really enjoyed it; it was touching and Stitch reminded me of my little brother at the age he was then. (I.E. Built to destroy.) Then I kind of grew out of it and got back into it when I saw the series and even though I hated what they were doing with the title characters, I really loved Experiment 625? Well, it became pretty important to me starting then, and I was growing fond of Pleakley, and then BOOM Glitch came out and my mother got it for me and I fell head over heels in love with everyone. I also started truly shipping Jumba and Pleakley then, which meant going back to watch the series more and paying attention to those characters.

And it was just, like... Wow. Pleakley is kind of adorable. Wow, wait.. Okay, wow, this is kind of familiar. OKAY YES HE'S ME. BUT GIRLIER. And I adore Pleakley still, plus the first movie and Glitch are beautifully emotional and I love that neither of them have a true villain and the themes and the WATER COLOR BACKGROUNDS and I could go on forever.

Alright, I think those are the Disney films I'm going to cover, so let's move on...

Megamind - Well, I was excited for the movie once I figured out it was going to be a redemption story and not Doctor Horrible: The Cartoon! So I saw it opening day and then somehow managed to convince my mother to take my brother and his friend (and thus me along) the next day. So yeah, I liked it a lot! Minion was the cutest, most fantastic character to me at the time, but I also like Megamind a lot and thought (and still think) Hal is a very interest (though creepy beyond all reason) villain.

But then, okay, so the real reason behind my love for this movie started when I posted my Rapunzel to a mistletoe meme, and this Megamind who I'd bounced my Minion off of on dear mun before tagged. Awkwardness (on the character's parts) ensued, as did amusingness and a log that was amazingly adorable and also the first time I cried while roleplaying.

So then Megamind became Rapunzel's boyfriend in my mind, to the point where I got to my dad before he saw Tangled and when we went to Disney World he was very confused about who that non-alien man with Rapunzel was. And that lead to roleplaying with three amazing people who have really developed the character of Megamind and some of the others, and it just holds a very special place in my heart. Just keep me away from the majority of the fandom.

RIO - OKAY I really payed this movie no mind when it came out, but then, on a vacation, I went to an art museum that had a Blue Sky Studios exhibit, and I was all, "HELL YEAH ICE AGE AND HORTON I AM ON THAT", except there was no Horton stuff. There were, however, the cutest, most colorful birds I had ever seen, and the movie was coming out on DVD during the vacation and my mother decided to be unreasonably awesome and buy it for me! And... I actually only watched it once until the other day but still had, like, the characters and the story really strong in my memory? So it was definitely a memorable film for me and I love Blu to bits and, again, so pretty.

The Road to El Dorado - So. I saw this movie when it came out and was SO INSANELY OVERWHELMED by the It's Tough to Be a God number that I really didn't like it or remember anything. But, and this was also my first clue to my sexuality, I had a Chel figurine from McDonald's that I was completely enamored with. Like, I loved her hair most of all, but I just thought she was gorgeous and wanted to touch the figure all the time. But I lost it fairly quickly and El Dorado fell to the wayside until I was on this cut-throat proboard rp where I loathed our Chel, hardcore. And I was like. You know what? I can do this better. :| So I watched the movie on youtube and apped Chel to Sorting Hat. ElDo will never be a movie I love, but I do enjoy quite a bit about it.

...And honestly, those are the only fandoms I can think of with interesting stories, (that I'm not to lazy to get into right now, so expect a part II someday), so I guess we're done here.
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...You are precious. End of. /smooshies
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You're welcome, it's true! :3

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Lmao I love how we had completely different reactions to That Site in terms of picking up characters or NEVER WANTING TO SEE THEM AGAIN.

Also I def think when Wreck it Ralph comes out we need to see it together because that will be Disney movie #4 in a row we've been to see together quasi asap. OR IDK, DID WE SEE CARS 2 TOGETHER? I forget yes we did didn't we. :|a
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I have learned my lesson about judging things before I see them. :c
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new oc account, too lazy to log off, ignore ignore XD

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You'd think I would have by now, between in just the past two years expecting Tangled to stink and loving it and expecting the new Pooh to be... A Pooh movie, and it... Not really being one. :| So yeah, I'll have to go with an open mind.
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It's definitely a plus, that. :|a At least the... Visuals should be good?
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idk I'm not like, super getting my hopes up, but I'm kind of unwilling to just write it off because the concept sounds weird. I mean, my favorite is about pirates in space. I have no room to judge. :V
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That's a good approach, I think.

Also yeah but see PIRATES... IN SPACE! sounds like a beautiful concept to me.
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This is why you're my best friend. :C

Well. One of the reasons. But.
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...I cracked up, not even gonna lie.

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Also I did my pic spam thing and lmao. I tried to make it not fandom I really did but. :c
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Ooooh, lemme go check that out!