Feb. 22nd, 2012

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Well. 2012 and I am finally realizing that 2010 is over.

While Rapunzels still populate pretty much every game ever, the Flynns and Gothels and cracky Pascals and Maximuses are -- for the most part -- gone. I don't know what's going on in non-rp fandom, which I was never much involved in to begin with, but in the world of ljdwrp...

Well, folks have moved on. Come summer, we'll see Merida and company running about, and I won't resent it. I'm quite looking forward to Brave.

But I will miss the days when it was Rapunzel and company I saw so often. I'm attached to this movie in many ways, some definable and others a mystery to me. But seeing the roleplay base for it trickle away is hard, just as it was hard to see Tiana and company go when Tangled first came out. But as I was fine before, I'll be fine again.

Right now, though? A part of me is still sitting in the theater on November  24, 2010, falling for Disney's latest fairytale.


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